We produce single variety apple juices:?Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith and?Pink Ros?e. With a top quality local raw materials, we want to offer the best taste and aroma of our land.


The?Mooma cider?difference is to be young, fruity, low alcohol, filtered and slightly aerated. It’s the ideal product for an aperitif or even for pairing a good meal.?


We also producte other?apple products: vinegar, jam, marmalade and snacks, among other products.?Different formats through which you can enjoy the benefits of this versatile fruit.

Who we are

We are the third generation of the family that is dedicated to the cultivation of apples in the Emporda area. In 2016, after four years of research, we decided to sell Mooma (Montgr? + Poma (apple)), the first Catalan cider. It’s a fresh drink, all natural, short circuit, low in alcohol and healthy. We also produce single-variety apple juices and other products such as vinegar, jam and marmalade.