The Mooma cider difference is to be young, fruity, low alcohol, filtered and slightly aerated. It's the ideal product for an aperitif or even for pairing a good meal.


We produce Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith and Pink Rosée monovarietal apple juice. With a prime quality raw material, we offer you the best taste and aroma of our apples.


Some cider boots are used to make vinegar for self-consumption and sale. Apple vinegar has many pharmacological properties that have been recently discovered.

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Who we are

Since the beginning we have worked the farms with effort, sweat, love for work well done, will to survive and a spirit of overcoming.
Thanks to Joan Mercader, the farm of La Resclosa was the first fruit-growing farm of apple that settled in the area. From then on we have not stopped learning, improve, recycle and adapt to always offer the best of our fields.