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Gala juice 3l

8,49 (IVA inclòs)

Apple variety: Royal Gala

Color: pale yellow

Taste: sweet

Aroma: intense

Available formats: 1 liter glass bottle and 3 liter bag and box



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100% natural Royal Gala single-varietal apple juice. Made entirely from apples from the Empordà, the excellence of the product lies in the fact that the fruit is harvested at its optimum. No sugars, water, preservatives or dyes added.

The bag in box is a sustainable packaging that allows very comfortable dosing. The fact that it is vacuum packed significantly extends its life. Its measurements allow you to store it comfortably in the fridge.

Additional information

Weight 3.1 kg

Tasting notes

We recommend serving it cold. Once opened consume it before a month.


The apple is a fruit with many nutritional properties. Highlights its high antioxidant component which improves the digestive system.


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