Precision fruit growing

Innovation and technology

Fructicultura de presició

Agroalimentària Mas Saulot innovates in precision fruit growing by applying the latest technological advances and sustainable and eco-responsible production systems.

Our vision in the medium term is to establish the total mechanization of the fruit sector by means of the recolección with robot. We start from the premise that it is simpler to adapt the shape of trees to mechanization than to adapt machines to trees.

For this reason we are betting on the international technologies of the future.

We are currently developing the IDT-20150008 CDTI R&D project; Fruit production at controlled costs, co-financed by the FEDER. The present strategy is based on fruit production on the wall with reduced costs and controlled by specific pruning and clearing solutions.

These techniques have allowed us to verify the good adaptation of the different varieties planted on a double axis and the efficiency and effectiveness of the mechanized cutting operations: summer pruning, winter pruning and flower rinsing.

Who knows what lies ahead for the next decade? Everything points to a mechanized harvest; robots that, by infrared, will collect and record information about apples. Here are two links to the two prototypes that are currently being worked on. The first is from Israel and the second from California.


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