We are the third generation of the family that is dedicated to the cultivation of apples in the Emporda (Catalonia). In 2016, after four years of research, we decided to sell Mooma (Montgrí + Poma): the first Catalan cider. It’s a fresh drink, all natural, short circuit, low in alcohol and healthy. It’s a USA type of cider.

The cider it’s made following a careful selection of apples, mix according to the features, maceration, press and fermentation. In the winery we also follow a careful control process, transfered, clarified, filtered, carbonated and finally bottled. Each one of our cider has a specific process that lasts from 6 to 12 months that changes each year. The reasons for this variations are linked to the recollection moment. The spring and summer weather conditions, the insolation that affects the sugar, the ground may modify the production and vigor, age and variety of apple trees are some of the main aspects to be taken into account.

We also produce single-variety apple juices. We offer four different types: Gala, Pink Rosée, Fuji and Granny Smith. Each of these juices has its own personality in order to satisfy all palates. Also, if you take a look at our online store you can also discover cider vinegar, compote, jam and snacks among other products.

Like this, with a local raw material quality, passion, love and dedication we want to offer the best taste and aroma of our land. Welcome!



· The family experience of over 50 years in the field of fruit allows us to offer quality products derived from the apple.
· The apple contains minerals, vitamins and antioxidants polyphenols. This puts our products on the basis of a healthy, balanced diet.
· The Mooma products are km-0 because all the raw material comes from our own plantations located in Palau-sator (Baix Empordà).

Masia Mas Saulot envoltada de pomeres

Agroalimentària Mas Saulot

Mas Saulot is where we produce the cider and apple juices. It has over 20 hectares of apple trees. The family was installed six generations ago when Llorenç Vidal bought the land and the house. In 1962 they planted the first apple trees; before, this land had had other types of crops such as rice, which is very typical of the area.

Les nostres finques, Mas La Resclosa

Mas la Resclosa

This house was incorporated in 2000, although our family cultivated it for the past decades. It was the first in the area to produce apples. The sandy soil and the fact that it’s next to the Ter river gives us certain advantages in production. This is where we have part of our experimental farm of new cider apples varieties.

La Cooperativa Girona Fruits

Girona Fruits

Pere Frigola was the Girona Fruits founder, manager and president.
Being partners of the only cooperative with real cooperative operation in Girona gives us the ability to manufacture and produce most of the year with the best raw materials from our plantations and our partners.