Gold Cider 75cl

7,00  IVA Incl.

Barrel aging cider. It’s fruity, filtered and lightly gasified.
Designed to provide a more comfortable product for sharing on a table. The main feature of the product is its golden color from the oak. The main variety is still the Granny Smith, but blends with other known varieties such as Fuji.
Ideal for pairing with any gourmet meal.
Alcohol content: 6.5%

Tasting notes:
? Selected apple varieties: sweet and sour.
? Fermentation adding the appropriate percentage of carbon dioxide and apple concentrate.
? Color: pale yellow colors predominate.
? Aroma: green apple, fruity and aromatic.
? Taste: Noted for its balance between sweet and sour.
? Fine and persistent bubbles.

Available formats:
75cl glass bottle.
Carton of 6 units (non-returnable).

Ideal for light meals, fish, chicken, cheeses, salads, etc.


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