Vinagre de sidra Mooma


Some boots are used to make cider vinegar for self-supply and salw. Because of the demand of this product, we offer two formats to suit both the individual consumer and the restaurants and hotels.
Apple cider vinegar has many pharmacological properties that have been discovered recently:
– Reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels
– Avoid contraction of blood vessels
– Improves the digestive system
– Helps regulate sleep
– Reduces acute pain: as caused by renal colic or gallstones
– Removes the bacteria that cause halitosis
– Calm and rheumatic pain relieves burns


Handmade with the Golden apple variety, the apple compote is very healthy and a recommended product to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.
It is an ideal product to give a sweet touch to meat and fish as well as to complement many desserts. Made with 100% natural products without preservatives or colorings.


Handmade. Apple jam is ideal for a good breakfast or snack because it will give you lots of energy. Can also be used to accompany a dessert. It’s made with the Golden apple; the composition and texture of this variety make it ideal to make an apple jam.

Snacks de poma MOOMA


A peeled, cut and slowly dried apple. Doing it like this, we get a very special texture and keep all the original flavor and nutritional value of the apple.
Made with Granny Smith varieties (with a touch more acid) and Fuji (sweeter). Ideal to take them and enjoy them anywhere, anytime. Handmade.


? Vermouth Cider.
? Cider Sangria.
? Ratafia apple.
? Apple liqueur (Schnapps).
? Geneva apple.
? Green apple Mojito.